About Us

We are two humans named Jason and Amanda and one dog named Kiji.



We realized that we had a problem: Too much stuff! In 2016 we decided we would quit our jobs and downsize our lives to try to answer the question: “what do we really need to be happy?” A few hundred craiglist listings and one bonfire later, and we were down to just the necessities.

Fast forward to 2017. We’ve purchased a teardrop trailer and made plans to travel from Alaska to Mexico to search for the meaning of life. As we slowly got rid of more and more of our “stuff”, we became inspired to write about our experiment with minimalism. We now wholeheartedly believe in the philosophy of “more fun with less”; in short, that enjoyment and excitement of life actually increases when one stops worrying about the accumulation of “stuff” and the rat race and instead focuses on genuine life experiences.